Transit Development Plan

The Transit Development Plan (TDP) for the Springfield Urban Area is a four year planning document that is updated annually by the Transportation Study, with the cooperation and participation by the City of Springfield and the Transit Service Provider. This report cycles in conjunction with the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

The TDP serves many purposes. It is a supporting document for local programming in the Transportation Improvement Program. (TIP) It is a reference for the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) as those offices review and approve cash grant applications for bus operating, capital and planning projects.  Finally, it is a local plan for the City of Springfield and the Transit System.

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2012 Transit Development Plan (491 kb)


2009 Consolidated Transit/Paratransit Feasibility Study

In 2008-2009, the TCC worked with ODOT Office of Transit to secure a Job Access Reverse Commute (JARC) grant for a consolidation feasibility study to assist in identifying projects that could be developed to increase access to jobs and job related trips in the Clark County area.  The purpose of the study was to: 

  • To determine the merits of consolidating all or some of local transit and paratransit provider services with the goal of a more efficient use of their combined financial resources.
  • To develop and recommend a financial footprint in which a consolidated area transit/paratransit agency could operate utilizing the existing and potential financial resources while meeting the operational requirements of the funding sources and the service users.
  • To provide guidance and recommendations for the Mobility Committee as to how and what programs can be developed to increase access of low income persons to jobs and job related trips in Clark County area.

The feasibility study final report was completed by the Lakatos Group of Dayton in November 2009.  The final report can be viewed here (735 kb).


Coordinated Public Transportation Plan

This plan is a locally developed, coordinated public transit – human services transportation plan that was developed through a process that included representatives of public, private and non-profit transportation and human service providers; participation by the public and included those representing the needs of welfare recipients and eligible low income individuals. Projects developed from the plan will be integrated into the metropolitan, state and federal transportation planning processes.

The plan includes a wide variety of purposes focused on public transportation mobility in and around the Clark County – Springfield transportation planning area. The purposes of the plan run the spectrum from assessment of current public transportation mobility options through implementation of further mobility options.

Coordinated Public Transportation Plan

2018-2022 Coordinated Plan (5.76 Mb)

Resolution 2018-C - Adoption of the Coordinated Public Transportation Plan


2013 Coordinated Public Transportation Plan can be viewed here (2.32 Mb)



The 2007 Coordinated Public Transportation plan can be viewed here (1.6 Mb)


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