Clark County is undertaking an effort to create a new county-wide comprehensive plan based on community aspirations. CONNECT Clark County is an opportunity for everyone who cares about the future of our community to come together to share their ideas, hopes, and aspirations. Together we can make Clark County the best it can be!

Thank you to all who attended the CONNECT Clark County Open House! The unveiling of the draft plan on January 9th was met with support and enthusiasm! Now community members from across the County are ready for action! The planning team and steering committee will use the feedback from the event and comments received online to refine the draft actions before the plan moves to adoption.

Couldn't make it to the Open House? There is still a chance to give feedback. Visit the Draft Plan Presentation page to view the posters presented at the open house and to comment on what you believe the top priority actions are.

The draft plan posters are also circulating around as part of a Roadshow! You can view them at the following locations (please check venue operating hours):


Mark your calendars! There is an upcoming Steering Committee Meeting scheduled for Wednesday, January 17th. All are welcome to attend!












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